Complete Personal Training Packages


Complete Personal Training Packages

from 509.99

Complete Personal Training Packages include the following:

  1. Eating Plan:  structured and customized with foods you choose (within reason) to maximize your results safely and effectively.
  2. Resistance Training Program: structured and customized based on your fitness assessment to strength your muscles and maximize your results safely and effectively.
  3. Supplement Recommendations (optional): a list of supplements to help replace nutrients you are not consuming in your daily food intake and can help progress you to your fitness goals more efficiently.
  4. Cardiovascular Training: structured and customized based on your fitness assessment to help increase endurance, burn calories, and/or increase performance.
  5. Recovery Strategies: strategies to help efficiently recover from strenuous exercising (like stretching). May include referrals to other health care professionals.

Individual Personal Training Packages

  • 1st session FREE
  • 6 sessions 509.99
  • 12 sessions 959.99
  • 24 sessions 1679.99
  • 36 sessions 2339.99

Partner Training 

  • 6 sessions 629.99
  • 12 sessions 1119.99
  • 24 sessions 2279.99


Every time you bring a new friend (2 friends if you partner train) to train with you, your session is FREE!



Personal Training Packages:
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Group Training (3 or more)

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