FITCart - Food Delivery & Meal Planning Services


FITCart - Food Delivery & Meal Planning Services

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What is FITCart? 

FITCart is a same day grocery delivery and meal preparation/planning service. We do the shopping for you and delivery your groceries in as little as one hour. We can buy your groceries from the :

  • Grocery store 
  • Supplement store 
  • Restaurant (some restrictions apply).

You can also hire one of our FITFoodguides to create a healthy eating plan to help you reach your fitness goals.

Coming soon: a FITChef can prepare and cook your meal for an entire week at a time.  


Standard FITCart Services

  1. 1st time FITCart user FREE consultation . Fill out long form below. 

  2. Select your groceries by composing your own list by clicking on ADD TO CART and sending it to us. Or use the Mighty Grocery application to compose your list and share/email to us. Download Mighty Grocery

  3. Select date and time frame for delivery.

  4. We will calculate your order plus delivery fee and we'll send you that information for final confirmation

  5. FITCart is currently using the Venmo application as payment for grocery fees. Download Venmo here

  6. A FITShopper will purchase your groceries and contact you when they are leaving to drop off your groceries. 

  7. Your groceries are dropped off and you're a Happy Customer!

  8. An receipt of the transaction with be emailed to you. 

FITCart Packages 

  • 1st delivery FREE for purchases over $15

  • Standard delivery fee $5.99

  • Express (guaranteed 1 hour) delivery fee $14.99 

  • Elite FITCart Membership (unlimited deliveries, $40 minimum purchase) $109.99 yearly

FITCart + Fitness Bundles

  • If you are already enrolled in one of our fitness programs, you can enjoy FITCart at a discounted rate! 

  • 1st delivery FREE for purchases over $15

  • Standard (Complete Personal Training/Boot Camp clients) delivery fee $3.99

  • Express (guaranteed 1 hour) CPT/BC clients delivery fee $12.99

  •  Elite FITCart Membership CPT/BC clients (unlimited deliveries, $40 minimum purchase) $89.99 yearly



  1. You'll have FITFoodguide (Nutritional Consultant or Registered Dietitian) meet with you and structure and customize an eating plan to help you reach your goals: fat loss, muscle gain, sports performance, physique show preparation.

  2. FITMealplanning is packaged by the month or yearly.

  3. The 1st FITMealplanning appointment is 90 minutes and includes a Nutrition Assessment, Goal Setting, and Consultation. 

  4. Each subsequent appointment is a 30 minute follow up once a week for the remainder of the month. 

FITMealplanning Packages

  • 1 Month $254.99

  • 2 Months $479.99

  • 3 Months $584.99

FITCart + FITMealplanning Bundles

  • 1st delivery FREE for purchases over $15

  • Standard delivery fee $3.99

  • Express (guaranteed 1 hour) delivery fee $12.99

  • Elite FITCart Membership (unlimited deliveries, $40 minimum purchase) $89.99 yearly


FITChef Services (coming soon)

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