From Then to Now... and Beyond

It was difficult for me to find the motivation to work out regularly. In fact, I had a gift certificate for 10 sessions with a trainer that I received as a Christmas gift from my husband but I still was reluctant o get started

I finally decided to use the 10 sessions and started asking friends if they knew of a good trainer and was referred to Darryl. We were a good match, but the initial 10 sessions seemed like 20. I guess a little more age and a lot of time since my last serious training had taken its toll. Darryl established a strong supporting role, and with the help of his encouragement, I eventually moved forward and extended my sessions to a full time commitment of 3 days a week. 


I have had training in the past and enjoyed the experience but training with Darryl brought this experience to new levels. He provided guidance and monitoring of my cardiovascular exercise and eating habits as well - and always in a very encouraging and positive way. 

Personal training was crucial for me to develop the dedication needed for losing weight and getting back into shape. Darryl helped me find this dedication through the combination of his training skills, motivation, and personalized fitness program. Perhaps the most important help he provided for my motivation was his acceptance of the times I would get off track. When I drifted a bit from my routine or perhaps binged a bit on some forbidden foods, I was not made to feel like I had failed. He seemed to work with me at the pace that was right for me.

Perhaps one of the hardest milestones I had to pass was when I was not seeing significant results after what seemed a very long time working out. In the past I used to lose weight somewhat quickly but now that wasn't happening. I started thinking maybe because I'm older it's not going to happen. Darryl assured me that if I stay the course and stick with it, positive results would follow. Well, he was right! Only this time, I have also been adding muscle mass, toning and shaping my body. 


I have lost 27 pounds and several clothing sizes over the last 17 months. I feel stronger, healthier, younger, and have more energy than before. I have no doubt that I owe this success to my professional relationship with Darryl Perrilloux. His support was only helpful because of the foundation of trust and encouragement between Darryl and I. He has absolutely been a powerful, positive force in my life as a whole, for which I will always be grateful. 

To your health!

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