Why Cheat Yourself? - Catherine Pells 

 3 words Darryl only had to say once when I wimped out during one of our initial training sessions. I started training with Darryl in February 26, 2009 after I was diagnosed with pre diabetes and I continually repeat the phrase to myself during our training sessions. While impatient to see faster results I am impressed with the fact I no longer take diabetes medication, how I feel, my energy level, increase in lean muscle mass and how my clothes fit. I appreciate Darryl’s “make it work” attitude with coordinating training sessions around my work schedule, his sense of humor and the fact my health has improved.  
For the first time on May 2nd this year I competed in the Warrior Dash 3.51 mile race with 12 obstacles; including mud and fire. I almost chickened out, but with Darryl’s encouraging words “compete at your own pace” decided to go for it. I ranked 168 of the 269 women runners competing in my division completing the course in 49 minutes. 6,998 people competed that day, the weather was perfect, and the personal sense of accomplishment I experienced was wonderful.