There were so many reasons that kept popping in my head when I began to think about joining a gym.  My age, my weight, vacation plans, tired of being tired and I wanting to keep up with my kids.  “Working out,” even the thought of it was intimidating to me.  But eventually you get to the point where you know that if you don’t face your fears and do something different then nothing is going to change. And I wanted to change, so I joined 24 Hour Fitness.

My first few times at the gym went pretty smoothly.  Since I wasn’t sure where to start, I jumped onto the elliptical machine.  The workout was good and it gave me an opportunity to watch what was going on around me.  Each day there were high energy fitness classes, racquetball games, and individuals lifting weights.  Since I still wasn’t sure what I should be doing, I just stayed on the elliptical machine each time I came in.

Well, it wasn’t long before I really wanted to do more.  So I jumped off the elliptical machine and started for something new.  Not knowing anything about exercising, exercise equipment or even stretching, I soon found myself just wandering around because I never really worked out before.  Standing barely 5’2” and weighing 

103 – 107lbs (until the last couple of years anyway), I didn’t think I had a reason to workout.  My thought has always been that the only people who work out are people who wanted to lose weight or big burly guys.  Neither one of those categories applied to me at the time, so I just never worked out.

One night while talking to my husband, Eric, I told him about my discouragement.  There had been no weight loss and although a felt a little better physically, I was not where I wanted to be.  My trips to the gym were spent wandering around playing with equipment but never doing anything serious because I didn’t know how.  We talked about hiring a personal trainer, and I thought  that one or two sessions with a trainer could at least give me some ideas on what to do.  Eric was very supportive and encouraged me to sign up, but the cost of personal training was a concern.  Was it selfish to spend this money on me, could we afford it, wasn’t personal training a luxury, not a necessity?

The tipping point was, why did I join the gym in the first place?  It was my goal to be healthy, strong, and fit.  For me, this was a necessity.  Bad health is easy to come by.  Good health was going to take commitment, determination,  and a little financial sacrifice.  I made the choice to hire a personal trainer, a choice I will never forget.  If I was going to make the most out of my membership, the most out of my time, I needed someone who would show me what to do and why.

Well, I struck gold with my very first trainer, Darryl.  The first time we met I thought for sure he would not think I was in it all for the long haul, so why should he give it his best.  But I found out quickly that I was wrong.  Darryl seemed happy that I was ready to get serious about my health.  He assured me that he would work with me not only on weight loss but, he would also teach me how to exercise, how to use the equipment, and proper nutrition.  

I have trained with Darryl for almost a year.  There are times when he will show me an exercise and I will laugh and look at him saying, “ You have got to me kidding me!  I can’t do that!!  There’s no way!!! ”  But he never gives in.  He just smiles and simply says, “ You can do it. I know you can.  Besides, that’s why I’m here.  I’m going to help you.”  And guess what, he’s right.  I have done more than I would have ever expected of myself.  It hasn’t always been easy but it has always been worth it.

Starting Statistics :  March 13, 2006                                        May 30, 2016    Size:  8                                                                                     Size:  2   Weight:  120 lbs.                                                                      Weight:  110 lbs.   Body Fat %:  32.3                                                                    Body Fat %:  27   Chest:  32 in.                                                                            Chest:  33 in.   Waist:  28.5 in.                                                                         Waist:  23 in.   Hips:  37.5 in.                                                                            Hips:  36 in.   Thighs:  18.5 in.                                                                        Thighs:  18.5 in. 

Starting Statistics: March 13, 2006                                      May 30, 2016

Size: 8                                                                                    Size: 2

Weight: 120 lbs.                                                                     Weight: 110 lbs.

Body Fat %: 32.3                                                                   Body Fat %: 27

Chest: 32 in.                                                                           Chest: 33 in.

Waist: 28.5 in.                                                                        Waist: 23 in.

Hips: 37.5 in.                                                                           Hips: 36 in.

Thighs: 18.5 in.                                                                       Thighs: 18.5 in. 

My original thoughts of one or two sessions have grown into a real commitment of a twice a week meeting with Darryl.  Stepping on the scale doesn’t bother me like it used to (well, occasionally it still does).  I know I am where I need to be by the way my clothes fit (I have gone from a size 8 to a size 2), and by the way I feel ( I no longer wake up achy and feeling older than I am).  Using exercise equipment is no longer intimidating because Darryl has taught me how to use it.

We all have a reason why we want to join a gym.  We set our goals, but sometimes it seems like we will never accomplish them.  When this happens, what we really need to do is have someone come along side us and show us how to do it.  Darryl has helped me reach my goals and even exceed my expectations.  When I set my goal of becoming a healthier person and shared it with Darryl, it became his goal to see that I achieved it.  Not only have I seen success, but with the help of 24 Hour Fitness and a dedicated personal trainer, I know any new goal I set is always within reach.


To your health!

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