Terry Walker, is currently a professional caddie for Andrew Landry, a professional PGA TOUR golfer. Below is Terry's testimonial, sharing his experience with Darryl Perrilloux and how he helped prepare his body for the rigors of becoming a professional caddie. 

I started working with Darryl Perilloux over five years ago. Originally, my wife and I just wanted to improve our overall physical health and appearance. A few years into our training, I started caddying on various mini-tours. I made Darryl aware of the physical demands relating to my new retirement job, and he customized a fitness program focused on flexibility, conditioning, and the strengthening of specific muscles and/or muscle groups to improve my performance on the course.

While most would not think that a professional caddie needs to be physically fit to perform their job, I would ask you to reconsider your position. On average, a tour bag weighs 44 pounds. (Up to 52 pounds loaded with rain gear, umbrellas, and extra clothing and towels.) The bag is even heavier when it gets wet, and it can exceed 60 pounds after a good storm. A caddie must carry the bag approximately 8 miles each day, six or seven days per week. Keep in mind that a professional golfer has practice rounds and Pro-Ams that are mandatory before the tournament rounds commence. In the case where multiple golf courses are used, it becomes a seven day per week job for both the player and the caddie. Physically, it is extremely demanding!

Darryl provided me with a program that has allowed me to achieve a childhood dream, to caddy on the PGA Tour. Though we may not be able to share one-on-one time due to the travel demands on Tour, I still use the customized program while on the road. He is truly a professional trainer with a wealth of knowledge that can be trusted whether you are a player, a caddie, or someone who just wants to improve their overall health and fitness. In my opinion, Darryl Perillioux an expert in the fitness arena.


There is no way that I could perform my duties as a Professional Tour Caddie without Darryl's expertise and assistance. He has helped me overcome numerous physical ailments and injuries along my journey, and he deserves a large part of the credit for my success.

Terry "T" Walker
Professional Caddie for Andrew Landry
PGA Tour

DMP Fitness wants to thank Terry for sharing his kind words, and we're sure this story, in some part will help inspire other caddies and golfers to embrace strength training as an integral tool in becoming a better athlete. 

If you're a parent that has an athlete that you want to help take to the next level or if you're athlete yourself, and you're looking for the extra edge on your training,  please contact DMP Fitness today.  


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