An extensive research study was conducted to identify the type of obesity in different people. Scientists concluded that there are 2 forms of body fat distribution: android and gynoid



Android fat distribution pattern is called so because more men than women exhibit it. You may have heard it described as an 'apple' body type, where the waist circumference is greater than the hips. 

Gynoid fat distribution pattern is most commonly found in women. This is what many call the 'pear' body type. In this pattern, the hip circumference is greater than the waist. 

Based on the results of that study, scientists suggested 6 types of body fat and ways burn fat in those areas.

  1. Upper body obesity (Android): People in this group eat a lot and don't exercise. Nutritionist suggest that these people limit/avoid sweets and workout at least a half an hour per day. 
  2. Abdominal fat (Android): Excess fat in the stomach area can accumulate due to tension, anxiety, or depression. It's recommended that you exercise as well as modifying eating and incorporating relaxation techniques into your daily life. 
  3. Lower body fat (Gynoid): It's common in pregnant women. Water aerobics and elevate legs while sitting to reduce pressure in the lower legs. 
  4. Swollen abdomen (Android): Fatty deposits in this area are caused by alcohol consumption and respiratory issues. Stay away from alcohol and incorporate breathing exercises in your daily routine. 
  5. Lower body fat and legs (Gynoid): Also common in pregnant women. Water aerobics and elevate legs while sitting to reduce pressure in the lower legs. 
  6. Stomach  and upper back fat (Android): Common in people who don't exercise. Be more active and use strategies to control your blood sugar. Consider eating small, more frequent meals throughout the day. 

If you don't fit any of these 6 categories or you have a combination of 1 or more categories, maybe the problem lies in your genes and/or hormones. Either way, and healthy eating plan and a sound structured exercise routine can help you rid body fat and lead to an overall healthier lifestyle. 



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