Are you ever working, driving, or studying for a test, and you get so tired that you need to take a little nap, but after that snooze, you still feel like you don't have enough energy to carry on. Next time you decide that you're going to down a caffeinated beverage instead of the nap, but you feel like a zombie after and carry through with bloodshot eyes? Why not combine both and take The Caffeine Nap!

At a place called Loughborough University in the UK they were studying driver sleepiness and found that the combination of a nap and caffeine had the best results in preventing drivers getting drowsy behind the wheel.

It is said to be so effective because the effect of caffeine takes about 20 minutes to kick in, so if you take a nap of about that length of time, the caffeine kicks in just as you wake up,so you get the benefit of the nap and the caffeine boost all at once.

You can use a caffeine supplement if you don’t like coffee.

Here is how you take a caffeine nap:

1. Find a nice comfortable place for your nap that's calm and quiet.

2. Get your caffeine ready.

You will need up to 200 mg of caffeine. Stay away from beverages that have added sugar, as the. glucose rush that might prevent you from napping all together.

A Nespresso 14 oz cup has about 270 mg of caffeine to give you an idea of the correct dosage you will need.

Here are some other examples of caffeinated beverages including coffee:



3. Set your alarm for 15–20 minutes. You don’t want to sleep for longer than that , because after 20 minutes you start to tranisition into a  deeper sleep pattern and it's hard to wake up from and you'll be groggier when you arise. 

Just a quick nap and you want to wake up before the caffeine kicks in. All that is left is to take your nap. See you on the other side.

There you have it,  The Caffeine Nap, another oxymoron is born.


To your health!

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